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Die Deadline ist verstrichen und die Grafiken steigen in den Ring. Wie beim letzten mal entscheidet die Kavantgarde Community per Voting über die Siegergrafik, die anschließend das Eintrittsticket und die Werbemittel ziert. Wir freuen uns über das hohe Niveau und sind gespannt auf das Ergebnis. Abgestimmt wird bis Samstag 23.01.2001 um 20 Uhr!!! Jedes registrierte Mitglied hat eine Stimme – klick it hard!!

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  1. ey sorry der stand so in den vorgaben. ich hab mich zwar gewundert, hatte aber ohnehin kaum zeit mir gedanken zu machen 😀
    tut mir leid. bitte vergib mir!


  2. nette entwürfe aber komisch dass keiner davon nach Winterfest oder rheingold aussieht. gibt dochh tolle ideen die man dazu machen kann…

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  4. Merkel and Germany and the EZ need a treaty chgane as you write.She also likes more competitiveness for obvious reasons but also as it would mean part of the structural reforms the South is not doing at the moment.Of course they donot like referenda and alike.So that is what they like and Cameron likes a treatychgane he can sell at home and preferably before the election. And both have to sign off. Quid pro quo. Cameron can easily use his backbenchers and the public opinion to force his hand. ‘No treatychgane without rights back’. Or order a referendum on a limited treatychgane only covering the bankunion anyway as from that moment on all treatychganes will have to be approved via referenda. To show the UK public he is sincere about his promise.Simply much too risky for the Eurobrigade to go that road.She simply doesnot have much choice.

  5. I am still laughing isinde. Going along admiring the sculptures and all of a sudden there was our Steph. Wendy and I started laughing as this was such a surprise. I laughed the whole time looking at the rest of the pictures . Good humor you have.

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